Thames Valley Adventure Playground, a charity organisation that provides facilities for mentally handicapped children and adults, wished to convert a derelict area of ground within their boundaries to form a swing play area.
The following pictures show the progress of this work which was undertaken free of charge in order to help TVAP and at the same time raise funds for Children in Need 2003.

Timber poles erected and bolted into place.

Job is completed!
A double swing for the children and adults at Thames Valley Adventure Playground.

Fenspave volunteers prepare the ground for the swing - this meant clearing all the leaves and digging 2 deep holes for the timber poles.

Tractor tyres are used as seats for the swings and Playbark is spread over the fenced off area.

Hugh Morgan, MD of Fenspave Contractors (left) and Gary Warrington, Manager of TVAP, hold up a cheque for 600.00 for Children in Need 2003.


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