This fence forms the main boundary for a school located in London. 3.6 metre high green plastic coated weldmesh fitted to galvanised and powder coated green rolled hollow section posts bedded in concrete.

Sports fields, recreation grounds and racecourses must have boundary security. This can be provided using various types of fences. Security can be provided to a very high level using security railings, steel palisade or weldmesh panels. If privacy is also required, boundaries are commonly secured using traditional closeboarded fencing. In the following illustrations we have attempted to show a variety of types but, inevitably there are many more styles available, all of which we can provide.


A swing area within an Adventure Playground bedded upon a soft asphalt surface in accordance with British Standard Specifications. We installed this surfacing together with the blockpaved area shown.

Galvanised chainlink fencing fixed to steel angle posts forming the boundary to a sportsfield measuring approx. 800 metres in length.

Approx. 1.75 km of 2.4 metre high galvanised steel palisade fencing erected at Epsom Racecourse along the Straight Mile finish.

Boules/Petanque Terrain

These illustrations show a terrain under construction and built to the minimum recognised international size for a single course. This is 12 metres x 4 metres.

This particular terrain has been formed within a domestic garden using oak sleepers as a surround with a Type 1 road base (allowing drainage) and finally finished with a light bonding grit enabling both roll and adhesion to the boule.Although this Boules terrain is designed for only 1 course of play, we can provide larger terrains for multiple courses.

Thames Valley Adventure Playground, a charity organisation that provides facilities for mentally handicapped children and adults, wished to convert a derelict area of ground within their boundaries to form a swing play area.
The following pictures show the progress of this work which was undertaken free of charge in order to help TVAP and at the same time raise funds for Children in Need 2003.

Timber Frame Swing

This illustration show the area allocated for the swing. Fenspave volunteers set to work clearing all the leaves and digging 2 deep holes for the timber frame.

30 metres of weldmesh fence, 900 mm high was erected around the site and finished off with 2x1 handrial. The enclosed area was covered in playbark. 2 swings, made up of chainlink and tractor tyres, were bolted to the timber frame.


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